🚢 Summer of Shipping 🚢

📉 Weren't able to find an internship? Or had an offer rescinded? Unfortunately, you're not alone. 🥲 But what if you could still build something cool this summer? And learn a ton in the process? 🚀📈

Meet: Summer of Shipping. Started in 2020, this is a community of makers and mentors who come together to create a sort of "mock internship" experience.

You'll ship code for a personal project daily, 🚢 either alone or in a team. You'll sit in weekly workshops to learn concepts normally covered by an internship, ✏️ and have a chance to demo your work. And all the while, you'll get feedback and support from a community of industry folks and senior students 🫂.

Once you join the Discord, it's time to build. Share updates on your projects daily with our community on Twitter with #SummerOfShipping #SOSDayX.

Today is day X!



What is Summer of Shipping?

Summer of Shipping is a community-driven initiative that simulates an internship experience. Participants work on personal projects, attend workshops, and receive feedback from industry professionals and experienced students.

Who can join?

Anyone with a passion for building and learning can join Summer of Shipping. Whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or a professional looking to sharpen your skills, you're welcome here.

How do I participate?

To participate, sign up using the sign-up form and join our Discord server. Once you're on-boarded, start sharing your project updates and get involved with the community.

What kind of projects can I work on?

You can work on any project that interests you. Whether it's a web app, a mobile app, a game, or something else entirely, the goal is to learn and build something cool.

Are there any costs associated with joining?

No, Summer of Shipping is completely free to join.

How do the workshops work?

Workshops are held weekly and cover a variety of topics relevant to building projects and working in tech. These sessions are led by experienced professionals and provide valuable insights and learning opportunities.

How can I find collaborators for my project?

You can find collaborators by connecting with others in the Discord server and using the Team up section of the website. This section lists people looking for collaboration opportunities at all stages of their projects.